Gov't claims FOURNIER is late in filing, the SPD, SPN, or SDN code was/is to be kept from the veteran, otherwise known as SECRET .  If you do NOT know of the code, how are you to DEFEND yourself ?  FOURNIER found out about the SECRET code in late 2012 ;  THEREFORE, the tolling on the statue of limitations should start when he discovered the code and its meaning, of which, was FALSE & STIGMATIZING .  Moreover,  look on page seven (7) the 11th ling down in first full paragraph .  " ......Mr. Harris is required to allege the existence of a contract ... ".   WHO IS MR. HARRIS ???   This is called " CUT & PASTE ". The name is FOURNIER !  Lastly,  nowhere are the cases CASEY v. U.S. or KEEF v. U.S. or the ROTH case mentioned anywhere in their argument for dismissal.   The whole issue is the FAILURE of the BCMR to identify the ERROR in FOURNIER'S RECORS, correct the error, and pay for an injustice !!!

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