On this day, August 18, 2011, U.S. Senator Clair McCaskill’s Office in St. Louis, Mo. called me. A staffers informed me that the U.S. Air Force will NOT answer the question of whether they are bound by legal precedent when making BCMR Decisions. This mockery of how our system works by so called military personnel wearing the uniform of a soldier of the United States is outrageous. By the “ Administrative Procedures Act “, and U.S. Court Decisions are you supposed to follow legal precedent or not ?? YES or NO. A simple question of which, they should answer, or be in violation of the U.C.M.J. and/or laws of the United States. Enough is enough.


Recently, this website owner and Nationally known Vietnam Veteran posted up a story on a vets website called, VA Watchdogtoday . org.  That story had to due with the Board For Correction of Military Records ( BCMR’S )  and there FAILURE to uphold their mandate given to them by Congress.  That story was CENSORED by watchdogtoday web owner Jim Strickland.  There were NO foul words, no naming names or finger-pointing.  There was mentioned that in a place called Nazi Germany people were branded with a number.  Seems, that’s what got me CENSORED, in a land where there is to be FREE SPEECH, FREE PRESS.  I removed vawatchdog as a LINK from this website, as blacklisting a story regarding extremely important information for veterans is outrageous.  I spoke the truth,  hey Jim,  the truth shall set you free.

-Ed Crosby

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