Includes ALL additional documents related to SPN/SPD code issue and the Court Case, Crosby v. U.S.A.F.


BCMR Case – Example


This is a BCMR case that vets can read and understand the arguments regarding Due Process of Law and SPN/SPD codes.

Cong. Press Release 1977 SPN Code Issue, Great Injustice 

This Congressional Record mentions the veteran from upstate N.Y. and that is Mr. Crosby, and this Record is extremely important, easy to understand SPN codes.

GAO Document Great SPN Code SNAFU. 

This is document with additional data SPN codes, very interesting.

Map of U.S. State Vet Reps 

A map of the U.S. complete with names and phone # of each State Veterans Affairs Officer and the number of vets in each State.

U.S. Sup.Ct. Order A-393 

This is the 393rd Special Order since this nation started.  Signed by Thurgood Marshall, US Sup. Court Justice.

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